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Cover USTs

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Song title Song writer UST creator Audio demo UST Download Instrumental
-ERROR niki WinterdrivE YouTube Bowlroll Dropbox
Accidentally in Love Counting Crows WinterdrivE YouTube Dropbox YouTube
Alice (Underground) Avril Lavigne Nythoma YouTube MediaFire YouTube
Apple and Cinnamon Utada Hikaru Ataraxia Soundcloud MEGA Possibly unofficial download
Black Hole AdyS Nythoma YouTube MediaFire Soundcloud
Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn AdyS Nythoma YouTube MediaFire Soundcloud
Circles YusukeKira MakkuSan and Hikari08 Soundcloud MediaFire Soundcloud
Dare Gorillaz Jasputing and KristianMikaelH YouTube MediaFire Karaoke Versio
Die House Kristofer Maddigan Kanomwan YouTube MediaFire Steam
Everything at Once Lenka Nythoma YouTube MediaFire X-Minus Pro
KARMA Circus-P and Eyeris Mango-tama Soundcloud MediaFire YouTube
Kokoronashi ChouChouP utsuWOLF Soundcloud MEGA Possibly unofficial download
Leave it All to Me Miranda Cosgrove Mikitanii Soundcloud MediaFire iTunes
Machine Gun KIRA wasureru. Soundcloud Google Drive Bandcamp
Monster YusukeKira KristianMikaelH Soundcloud MediaFire YouTube
Pink or Black livetune trinkhk Soundcloud MediaFire MediaFire
Roses The Chainsmokers 절찬리 배포중! and Hazu パワ Soundcloud MediaFire YouTube
Shape of You Ed Sheeran Mango-tama Soundcloud MediaFire MediaFire
Shelter Porter Robinson & Madeon utaWOLF Soundcloud MediaFire YouTube
Spider on the Wall GHOST Kyaramel (Zansatsu) YouTube MediaFire Bandcamp
To Whom It May Concern Kowareta VocAddict Soundcloud MEGA MediaFire
Trees Twenty One Pilots AniraAsIs Soundcloud Google Drive YouTube



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