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OTO Commissions

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Name Info Price Turnaround
Adlez27 Commissions page $0.02 per OTO line. Round down to nearest $10, discounts may apply Uses queue system instead of slot system. 1 month per pitch.
Armani Williams Website Standard ARPAsing List: $12.00 Per Pitch 6 wks to oto. for smaller banks, 1-2 wks
Biggity_Boy Google Docs $12 base + $5 for Additional Pitches A couple of days to a month depending on how big the bank is and how school is affecting otoing
doodleboxstuff E-mail:
Discord: Doodle Box#9679
$10 per pitch A few days to a few weeks, depending on outside factors.
Infoholic Commissions journal 11 dollars, 4 per extra pitch 3-4 Weeks
Periodical Utau/Sam Contact form Trade 3-7 days per pitch
Stre Discord (Stre#8279)
deviantArt (Stre-chan)
UtaForum (CometStre)
$12 base + $5 per extra pitch 2 weeks ~ 4 weeks depending on VB size and school workload at the time



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