OTO Commissions

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Name Info Price Turnaround
fmccaddy12 Commissions thread USD 10 per pitch Due to the size of Arpasing banks, it may take a bit longer to configure than other methods to ensure quality and consistency.
Infoholic Commissions journal 11 dollars, 4 per extra pitch 3-4 Weeks
KLAD Commissions page Round down to nearest thousand, discounts may apply Uses queue system instead of slot system. 1 week to OTO.
Oblivion772 Commissions thread $10, Extra pitch = $6 ~2 weeks to a month, depending on certain factors
Periodical Utau/Sam Contact form Trade 3-7 days per pitch
Stre Discord (Stre#8279)
deviantArt (Stre-chan)
UtaForum (CometStre)
$12 base + $5 per extra pitch 2 weeks ~ 4 weeks depending on VB size and school workload at the time
YeDev Twitter: @YeDevs
Email: sync.le@outlook.com
Discord: YeDev#7032
Commissions and Sample Page
Price With BGM: $9 First Pitch, for additional pitch: $7
Without BGM: $12 First Pitch, for additional pitch: $7
1 or 2 Days per pitch